No More Fermi #4

12TH OF JUNE, 2026

From: bobt@esa.int
To: jimb@home.cern
Subject: Told you so!

Hey Jimbo,

It turns out I was right! I was right all along, we are not alone! You owe me that truck of beer, or was it half a truck? I don’t remember, we must have drank a good part of a truck that time we made this bet. I think that was last year on my 40th birthday party in Krakow.
How are things with you? Is Geneva treating you well still? I just finished moving to my new apartment at Cours Marquis. Neighbourhood is nice, much nicer than the old place in the center, and much bigger too. There are few nice parks just a short walk away, some great food around too. I ate at Le Coin the other day. My French is constantly “blegh” so I go with English by default still. The waitresses English was ok, but she had hard time describing the menu. She got stuck on the first item, because she was not sure how to say in English what kind of meat was in there. As you know, I am not picky, so I saved here the trouble and just ordered the thing. It was tasty, it looked nice, but it was no meat man, those were kidneys! Super tasty, you need to try one day.
I also have some good news. I got promoted to chief engineer for the Athena mission. This is a nice promotion, but that’s not the best part. Because of this whole alien situation there are talks about making a special group. They don’t want to dissolve or weaken any ongoing projects, so the most likely scenario is to postpone the ones that are very early in development and put that team on the aliens. Guess who is the chief engineer on the project that in the earliest stage. Oh yes, that is me my good friend. Fame and glory awaits! I knew that us watching all those Star Trek episodes through High School will one day pay off.

See you soon, we don’t meet often enough!


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